It's hard to express how much I enjoy short-form writing and its constant evolution -- and the ever-increasing ways to experience it, each with its own strengths. I'm not going to be the person who tells you that anything is dying, because from where I sit that doesn't appear to be true. What's happening is media is being honed, each kind of content seeking its level. Complex information loves interactivity. Gorgeous images deserve lots of space, and if you can afford it, ink, too. We have options and choices, and so many stories to tell.

I have spent more of my life poring over and designing for publications than anything else. When, by luck, I landed in Las Vegas, I began working for local media and underwent trial by fire. The demanding environment taught me how to be a one-woman, award-winning art department -- art director and designer, photo stylist, photo editor, budget keeper (more than budget breaker, sadly), production artist, infographic and photo illustration wiz and occasional headline writer.