Maureen Adamo


Healing a social media mandemic


Shirtless men get ripped in Fruit of the Loom’s campaign to bring an end to the alarming incidence of half-naked selfies that have surfaced on social media. In the face of such shocking want of proper attire, the company — with the help of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder — launched an effort to fill the gap for these men in their time of need, creating a tongue-in-cheek PSA about the tragedy that must be the lack of quality shirts in their wardrobe.

The campaign perfectly capitalizes on the use of a hashtag to create engagement among its target audiences. And it’s a deft example of turning social media’s tendency toward self-absorption on its head with a light touch, resulting in kudos and brand cred from the offended, as well as the offenders.

bbrainerdd I to [sic] suffer from shirtlessness. #putashirton
fruitoftheloom @bbrainerdd you're a lucky man. Thanks to the free Eversoft tee we'd love to send you, you no longer have to struggle with shirtlessness. Send us a DM to see how we'd like to help.


Humor is a powerful gateway to relatability, especially in a market or niche as flattened as the cotton tee. Taking an oblique approach can yield some exciting payoffs.

Fruit of the Loom

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