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TBT Freebie

image via  Linda Dong

image via Linda Dong

This is goes way back to 2013, and the freebie is still available. Score, right?! Linda Dong's experiment with animation in Keynote has made the rounds (and squares, hyuk!) on the Interwebs a few times. While I've done a little animation for Keynote presentation purposes, I haven't yet felt a call to integrate it into any kind of animation workflow.

I've heard a few designers do like to use Keynote for prototyping, partly because of its low barrier for integration (free and familiar?), though I'm still drawn to shiny pretty things like InVision and immediately downloaded Adobe's XD Preview, though I've yet to crack it open. Despite Adobe's heavy, sluggish footprint on my hardware, anything that keeps me in their suite does streamline my workflow, as much as I hate to admit it. I can feel myself waxing wonkish with this talk of tools; I was just wondering if anyone was still hacking prototyping, and what their weapon of choice might be?

Linda Dong: Keynote Motion Graphic Experiment

This year, I’m doing a series of posts in my own kind of Throwback Thursday to achieve a weekly reading-list cleanout. Here’s the first post where I try to explain how I’m working through my archives.