Maureen Adamo


Throwback Thursday: UX is the future again

An interesting dynamic I'm discovering in my second reading list throwback, is the perspective you're afforded in reviewing industry-leading thought from the comfy vantage of the future. Did it hold up? Is it still true? 

I think in this piece from Fast Company by Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott, looking at designing the customer experience, it's probably become even more relevant now. Consider the light in which you've thought about your customers lately. Have you thought about your first impression with your customer? The things that teach them about you and how you can help them?

"A customer-experience map is, therefore, a bold, integrated vision for the future of your brand experience. Start with a broad and detailed exploration of the customer journey — and how it could be different. Don’t ask customers what they need, but observe how they behave and what makes them happy or sad. Then assess what people could do. Think about what they will notice, and what they will remember."

Move over, product design. UX is the future.